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Eurovision Song Contest 2010: maNga - "We could be the same" (official video)

Many of us know that maNga will represent Turkey with the song "We Could Be The Same" at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo (Norway), taking place on the 25th, 27th and 29th of May.

Today, the official preview video of the Turkish entry, ‘We Could Be The Same’ by MaNga was released to the public through the youtube channel where this years Preview Videos are currently being uploaded to.
The video symbolises war and peace and see’s the group wearing matching black and white outfits throughout the video.
Click here if you want to see the official video of Turkey's entry:
maNga - "We could be the same" Official video

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

What do you think about maNga's song "We could be the same"?

maNga will represent Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 which will take place in Oslo with the song "We could be the same". Certainly, most of us have heard the song, but let's see what the others think about maNga's performance. I have selected opinions which express different points of view (some like the song, but some don't like it). Let's see some examples related to this from people all around the world: Great Britain, Greece, Lithuania, Romania, Bugaria, Austria, Germany, Russia, Turkey etc. You can also leave a message (comment) expressing your opinion concerning Turkey's Eurovision Song. Do you like it or not? Tell us what are you thinking about it.

“For me this is the best song in 2010! Congratulations to Turkey and maNga for sending this one to Oslo. Good luck and hopefully Istanbul 2011 :) “E. from Germany

“Yeah it’s a really nice song. I steal remember the songs (every way that I can),(shake it up sekerim) and (dum tek tek)Really nice and strong performances. Keep the level high :)” C. from Greece

maNga's song is great especially, the power of lyrics cannot be criticized in a bad way. Moreover, when you listen and listen again ,it's easy to find the fascinating sides of the song. generally, music is like a big ocean, and the beauty of it is secret in the deepest sides that cannot be seen . so you should swim deep into the water in order to discover it. and some songs such as manga's are like that. it's necessary to listen again and again to feel the melody, the perfect combination of lyrics and melody. So thanks maNga for this beautiful song. good luck!” D. from Turkey

“The song is just PERFECT!!!!!! For sure, the best participant of this far!!!!! I love it!!!For once again, my vote goes to Turkey!!!” E. from Greece

“ALL 12 points from Lithuania;] the greatest performance this year, I'm sure You'll take top3, and I hope so :) Thank You for making awesome music, RESPECT and good luck Turkey! :)” E. from Lithuania

“The song is unusual. it has something that other sings do not have” M. from Spain

“I don’t like it. (Anyhow, I don’t like maNga :D) this song is very easy and normal. But, this year, all songs are bad. So manga can be in Top5. I think manga could make better.” B. from Turkey

“At least, this song is different according to the other songs. Lyrics are so strong and its music is catchy. I want to see this kind of songs in Eurovision. Love it!!!” L. from England

“SUCH A MARVELLOUS SONG. I hope that they are going to sing it live as good as they sing playback. If so, they will definitely be on top 5. I hope so <3.>

“Well, I expected more from maNga, actually their songs are better than this if u listen to their songs in Turkish, but anyway I ♥ MANGA, and hope they get a good place in Eurovision!!!!!!GOOO MANGAAAAAAAA .” G. from Turkey

“It's a very good song! Combining rock with tango motive! It could be an interesting idea if choosing a professional dance sport tango couple!!!! It is always interesting when dancing tango to songs in which the tango motive is difficult to cope with! This does not mean definitely only tango, but combination of different Latin and dance sport movements!!!! One couple or even formation!!! The song is great!!!!!! With a dance port formation would be more than great!!!!! All the aspects of the song are really danceable!!!!! It can easily win if it’s combined with dance sport!!!!!!” J. from Spain

“This is one of the best songs for Turkey's entry. Don’t forget, no matter what they say, only GO maNga! “M. from Romania

“Song is good, but not great.. For me a little old fashion.... sounds like from 70-80. Sorry Turkey but this song is not the winner.” A. from Russia

“I don’t like this song at all. To average … and not good, sorry.” S. from Austria

“I don't like it. maNga is overrated in my opinion.” D. from Bulgaria

"The guys are really talented and they certainly deserve to win the competition. They're original and different from all the others. The song is strong, the lyrics are meaningful and Ferman's voice is just...amazing; it's interesting to see the way he adapts his voice: he can sing soft and tender and then he rage on stage. The combination of alternative rock and hip hop with Anatolian influences created a new music style: maNga's style. Hope they'll find the manner to show to the entire Europe that a new superstar (superband) was born in Turkey. Good luck maNga!" I. from Romania

“Greatest song for Eurovsion. MANGA THE WINNER” B. from Macedonia

Note: The messages are not changed in any way including spelling, grammar errors, style, expression of feelings etc.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

News: maNga will represent Turkey at ESC 2010

Rock band maNga, which won Best European Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards, releases a new song, 'We Could Be The Same,' which will represent Turkey at this year's Eurovision contest. The English song includes traditional Turkish motifs and is apprecitaed Turkish music authorities. 'We will go there to win the contest,' the band says. Rock band maNga will represent Turkey at the 55th Eurovision song contest in the Norwegian capital Oslo on May 25 and 29 with a song “We Could Be The Same.”

Earlier this year, Turkey’s state-run broadcaster Turkish Radio and Television, or TRT, agreed that the band could compete in the contest on behalf of Turkey. At a press conference held Tuesday at the TRT Tepebaşı Studio, maNga performed the song for the first time. “We chose maNga because it received the most votes in a poll,” said TRT General Director İbrahim Şahin. He said there might be some differences in the voting system this year and it might be in favor of Turkey. “I hope maNga will be the winner with this song.”
"Şahin said maNga delivered three songs and a commission selected one and that he wished the song was in Turkish, but the band preferred to perform a song in English. He said TRT did not intervene in the band’s decision about its song or wardrobe choices. Şahin said they have a budget of 400,000 Turkish Liras for the Eurovision contest and have received offers for sponsorship. 'We made a very nice song’ The band’s soloist Ferman Akgül, stating that TRT was very interested in the band since they got the proposal to represent Turkey in the contest, said, “We have made a very nice song that we love and we believe in its success. Our goal is to represent our band, our music and our country in the most proper way.”

Akgül said they left the massages of their songs to listeners. “But the main idea is to give a global message of love and friendship. The most important reason why we chose an English song is that we want everyone to understand our message. maNga has always used traditional Turkish motifs in its songs. This time we did not do anything but our own music, too. The same motif, the same instrument, the same maNga but only the language is different,” he said. “We will go there to win the contest.”

Speaking about their stage show and wardrobe for the contest, Akgül said they had not decided it yet. “Our five band members are the most important factor. No stage show should overshadow us.” Another band member Özgür Can Öney said the contest has inspired them to make new songs, adding that they would do their best to show their music to the world.
After the press conference, maNga performed the song “We Could Be The Same.” The band also gave a mini concert.

Authorities love the song
Turkey’s music authorities who listened to the song liked it. Their common idea is that the cong could finish in the top five. Emel Müftüoğlu, pop singer: I love maNga very much. But I don’t take Eurovision seriously because no one gets the points they deserve. The band also has a problem with its English accent but they can work hard to fix it. Bülent Özveren, presenter of the Eurovision contest: It is a very nice song. It is suitable for Eurovision. Vocals are very good. It should be among the first five. Ali Kocatepe, musician: maNga made a very strong song again. It is its own style. And it is very good that they perform in English.

Özdemir Erdoğan, musician: maNga is a very good choice. There is no problem in the song. No one can criticize their music. Everything is perfect but it doesn’t have magic, it is not as effective as last year’s song "Düm tek tek". It will likely finish in the middle with votes from abroad. Garo Mafyan, composer: I loved the song. An English song was already necessary because it is an international contest. Sezen Cumhur Önal, composer and anchorman: The song is too energetic. It would be better if it was Turkish but I am sure that they will get a success there."

Source: Hurriyet

News: "Turkish rock band maNga wins MTV European Music Awards"

From the beginning, maNga's music has brought together rock, rap, electronic, sufi and traditional Turkish music. Their self-titled debut album went gold and their second albu, Şehr-i Hüzün, released in April of this year, uses instruments such as reed flute, piano, tambour and a traditional instrument called "bağlama" to create a beautiful blend of western and eastern sounds, bringing out minor melodies that portray love, existential loneliness, death and melancholy.

MTV European Music Awards presentation was held in Berlin on November 5. Turkish group maNga won the Best European Act award bringing the title to Turkey for the second year in a row after last year’s win by another rocker, Emre Aydın.

The Best European Act winners were selected by voting. The contest was held in two rounds. 17 countries attended the first round and five of them were qualified for the second round of the Best European Act contest.

Members of maNga received their award from the US boy-band Backstreet Boys at the ceremony. Ferman Akgül, the group’s frontman and vocalist, said in his acceptance speech that the group felt themselves home in Berlin as there’s a considerable Turkish population in Germany. “… and as [Turkish film director] Nuri Bilge Ceylan did [two years ago] at the Cannes Film Festival, we dedicate this award to our beautiful and lonely country,” Ferman Akgül added.

You can also see the videos here:


Zurih - 04/16/10 - maNga Avrupa Turnesi
Saturday, 17 April 2010
Munich - 04/16/10 - maNga Avrupa Turnesi
Friday, 16 April 2010
Ticket: 21 euro/35 frank
Samsun – 04/10/10 – maNga Bahar Turnesi Samsun
Saturday, 10 April 2010
Neco Gazinosu (Harita)

Ankara – 04/09/10 – maNga Bahar Turnesi Ankara
Friday, 9 April 2010
maNga_Bahar Turnesi Ankara
Saklıkent (Harita)

Eskişehir – 04/08/10 – maNga Bahar Turnesi Eskişehir
08 April 2010 – 20:30
maNga_Bahar Turnesi Eskişehir
Thrusday, 8 April 2010
Gar Salon (Harita)

Adana – 03/21/10 – maNga Bahar Turnesi
21 March 2010 – 20:00
maNga_Bahar Turnesi
Sunday, 21 March 2010
Hilton Otel (Harita)
Tickets: 25 TL (Turkish Lira)
Student tickets: 20 TL (Turkish Lira)

Malatya – 03/20/10 – maNga Bahar Turnesi
20 March 2010 – 20:00
maNga_Bahar Turnesi
Saturday, 20 March 2010
Anemon Otel (Harita)
Tickets : 25 TL
Student Tickets: 20 TL

Diyarbakır – 03/19/10 – maNga Bahar Turnesi
19 March 2010 – 20:00
maNga_Bahar Turnesi
Friday, 19 March 2010
Tesisleri (Harita)
Tickets: 25 TL
Student tickets: 20 TL

Gaziantep – 03/18/10 – maNga Bahar Turnesi
18 March 2010 – 20:00
maNga_Bahar Turnesi
Thursday,18 March 2010
Kalender Plaza (Harita)
Tickets: 25 TL
Student tickets: 20 TL

Istanbul – 03/07/10 – maNga @BGM
07 March 2010 – 17:00
maNga @BGM
Sunday,7 March 2010
Bostancı Gösteri Merkezi (Harita)
Student tickets:20 TL

Ankara – 03/05/10 – maNga @Ankara
05 March 2010 – 23:15
maNga @Ankara
Friday, 5 March 2010
312 Arena (Harita)

İzmir – 02/26/10 – maNga @Izmir
26 February 2010 – 23:30
maNga @Izmir
Friday, 26 February 2010
Tickets: 28.50 TL
Ooze Venue (Harita)

Eskişehir – 02/19/10 – maNga @ Eskişehir
19 February 2010 – 21:30
maNga @ Eskişehir
Friday,19 February 2010
222 Park (Harita)
For more informations, click here:

Isparta – 02/17/10 – maNga @ Isparta
17 February 2010 – 00:00
maNga @ Isparta
Wednesday,17 February 2010
Isparta S.D.Ü. Kapalı Spor Salonu (Harita)

For more informations concerning maNga's future concerts please acces their official website:

Awards and festivals

"Sing Your Song” song contest 2nd place, 2002
Hürriyet Altın Kelebek – Best New Group Award 2005
MÜYAP Music Industry Awards – Gold Record Award, 2006
Our Future Magazine – Best Group, 2006
Jetix TV Awards – Best Group, 2006
Beyaz Show Oscars – Best Performance, 2006
Kemal Sunal Culture and Arts Awards – Best New Group, 2006
Popsav Awards – Best Rock and Alternative Band and Best Music Video Awards, 2006
Radio Boğaziçi – Best Animated Music Video Award (Yalan), 2007
Kanaltürk Awards – Best Music Video (Bir Kadın Çizeceksin) and Best Group Award, 2007
Yıldız Technical University – Best Group Award, 2007,2009
MTV European Music Awards, Best Act,2009
Istanbul FM Awards – Best Band,2009
Pal FM Awards: Best Song “Dünyanın Sonuna Doğmuşum” & The Best Performance,2009
ITU EMOS Awards – The Band of the year, 2009

7th ODTÜ Rock Festival, 2002, Turkey
Avrupa Genclik Festivali, 2002, Turkey
Tuborg Rock Festival, 2004, Turkey
RockIstanbul, 2004, Turkey
Ereğli Festivali, 2005, Turkey
Rock'n Coke, 2005, Turkey
Rock 'N Live, 2005, Turkey
Ankara Saklifest, 2006, Turkey
Ankirockfest, 2006, Turkey
Rokofest (series of a festival), 2006, Turkey
Festival of Sziget, 2006, Hungary
Patlican, 2007, Turkey
İTÜ Spring Fest, 2009, Turkey
Çukurova University Fest, 2009, Turkey
Gazi University Fest, 2009, Turkey
Rock the Balkans 2009, Bulgaria
Eurovision Song Contest 2010, Norway

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Albums - Şehr-i Hüzün(Sony Music & GRGDN, 2009)

Şehr-i Hüzün(Sony Music & GRGDN, 2009) is the new maNga album which was released in 2009 by Sony Music and GRGDN.

1. Gün Doğumu (Konuk:Tuluyhan Uğurlu)

2. Beni Benimle Bırak

3. Dünyanın Sonuna Doğmuşum

4. Cevapsız Sorular

5. Evdeki Ses (Konuk:Alper Ağa(Cartel))

6. Her Aşk Ölümü Tadacak

7. Şehr-i Hüzün

8. Hayat Bu İşte (Konuk: Tuluyhan Uğurlu)

9. Üryan Geldim

10. Tek Yön Seçtiğim Tüm Yollar

11. Gecenin Ritmi

12. Hepsi Bir Nefes

13. Sessizlik Sona Erdi

14. Kaçamak Faslı

15. Alışırım Gözlerimi Kapamaya

16. Gün Batımı

Albums - maNga+(Sony Bmg & GRGDN, 2006 )

maNga+(Sony Bmg & GRGDN, 2006 )
maNga+ is the re-released version of the first, self-titled album of Turkish rock band maNga, released in 2006 by Sony Music/GRGDN. Two new songs were added to it, along with a special DVD.

Track listing

1.Açılış (Intro) – 1:18
3.Bitti Rüya (The dream is over) – 3:59
4.Bir Kadın Çizeceksin (You'll draw a woman) – 3:59
5.Kal Yanımda (Stay beside me)(Vocal: Koray Candemir) – 3:45
8.İz Bırakanlar Unutulmaz (Those making deep impression aren't forgotten)(Vocal: VEGA) – 4:10
9.Sakın Bana Söyleme (Don't you dare tell me) – 4:39
10.Dursun Zaman (Time should stop) (Vocal: Göksel) – 4:50
11.Mangara – 2:27
12.İtildik (We've Been Thrown Away) – 3:25
13.Yalan 2 (Lie 2) (Vocal: Koray Candemir) – 3:57
14.Kapanış (Closing) – 1:07
15. Kandırma Kendini (Don't fool yourself) - 3:59

The album contains the audio cd with the above tracklisting, and a special DVD, containing the four music videos of the band with a specially designed manga-style DVD-menu:
Bir Kadın Çizeceksin (director: Cynosure)
Bitti Rüya (director: Devrin Usta)
Dursun Zaman (director: Onur Uysal)
Kandırma Kendini (director: Devrin Usta)

Album information

Management: Hadi Elazzi, Selim Serezli
Producer: Haluk Kurosman
Assistant Producer: Yağmur Sarıgül
Arrangement: Haluk Kurosman and maNga
Studio: GRGDN - ULUS
Editing, Mixing, Mastering: Haluk Kurosman
Recording assistant: Özgür Salur (Kandırma Kendini)
maNga drawings: Kaan Demirçelik
Graphics: Emrah Gündüz
Photography: Şafak Taner

Featuring Musicians
Keyboard, Electronic underworks: Haluk Kurosman
Vocal, Kal Yanımda and Yalan 2: Koray Candemir
Vocal, İz Bırakanlar Unutulmaz: Deniz Özbey Akyüz (Vega)
Vocal, Dursun Zaman: Göksel
Vocal, Kal Yanımda 2: Unknown MC
Ney in Açılış, Kapanış: Ali Sarıgül
Piano in Yalan, İtildik: Özgür Sarı
Sound Recording for Kapkaç, Yalan: Emel Çölgeçen
Stringed instruments (Kandırma Kendini): Kempa Yaylı Grubu

Bitti Rüya, Bir Kadın Çizeceksin, Sakın Bana Söyleme:
Tülay Karşın: Violin
Kerem Berkalp: Violin
Göknil Özkök Genç: Viola
Didem Erken: Cello

Albums - maNga (Sony Music & GRGDN, 2004)

maNga (Sony Music & GRGDN, 2004)
maNga is the self-titled album of Turkish rock band maNga, released in December 2004 by Sony Music/GRGDN.

Track listing
1.Açılış(Intro) – 1:18
2.Kapkaç (Robbery) – 2:51
3.Bitti Rüya (The dream is over) – 3:59
4.Bir Kadın Çizeceksin (You'll draw a woman) – 3:59
5.Kal Yanımda (Stay beside me)(Vocal: Koray Candemir) – 3:45
8.İz Bırakanlar Unutulmaz (Those making deep impression aren't forgotten)(Vocal: VEGA) – 4:10
9.Sakın Bana Söyleme (Don't you dare tell me) – 4:39
10.Dursun Zaman (Time should stop) (Vocal: Göksel) – 4:50
12.İtildik (We've Been Thrown Away) – 3:25
13.Yalan 2 (Lie 2) (Vocal: Koray Candemir) – 3:57
Hidden track: "Kal Yanımda 2" featuring Unknown MC after "Kapanış".

Album information

Management: Hadi Elazzi, Selim Serezli
Producer: Haluk Kurosman
Assistant Producer: Yağmur Sarıgül
Arrangement: Haluk Kurosman and maNga
Studio: GRGDN - ULUS
Editing, Mixing, Mastering: Haluk Kurosman
o maNga drawings: Kaan Demirçelik
o Graphics: Emrah Gündüz, Gümrah Oymak, Atalay Açık
Photography: Şafak Taner

Featuring Musicians
• Keyboard, Underworks: Haluk Kurosman
• Vocal, Kal Yanımda and Yalan 2: Koray Candemir
• Vocal, İz Bırakanlar Unutulmaz: Deniz Özbey Akyüz (Vega)
• Vocal, Dursun Zaman: Göksel
• Vocal, Kal Yanımda 2: Unknown MC
• Ney in Açılış, Kapanış: Ali Sarıgül
• Piano in Yalan, İtildik: Özgür Sarı
• Sound Recording for Kapkaç, Yalan: Emel Çölgeçen

Bitti Rüya, Bir Kadın Çizeceksin, Sakın Bana Söyleme:
Tülay Karşın: Violin
Kerem Berkalp: Violin
Göknil Özkök Genç: Viola
Didem Erken: Cello

Music videos

Bir Kadın Çizeceksin
o the song was included in the soundtrack of FIFA 06 video games by EA Sports.
Bitti Rüya
Dursun Zaman
o the song is featured in the soundtrack of the film Sinav (starring Jean-Claude Van Damme)
Kandırma Kendini
o This is a special video, because the song is not to be found on the album itself. It is featured as one of the two bonus songs of the re-release of the album, titled maNga+ .
o The video was made by Emre Yıldız. He is the youngest art director in Turkey. The video concept is constructed around the theme of war and its effects. Although recognised by the band, and supported on the official website, the video is not aired on television.

maNga - biography

maNga is a Turkish rock band, mixing the style of nu-metal with hip-hop, electronic music and Anatolian tunes. They were one of the most successful bands in 2005, having received numerous awards in their homeland and acquiring a place in the soundtrack of the famous international soccer game “Fifa 2006.” maNga have been chosen to represent Turkey at Eurovision 2010 with the song “We Could Be The Same”.

maNga was formed in the year 2001, being named after the word for Japanese comic books, Manga. Initially, they were mostly underground, playing covers of other rock and metal bands. They came into the public spotlight after finishing runner-up at the Sing your song' music contest. This caught the attention of artist manager Hadi Elazzi (GRGDN), who immediately promoted the band to Sony Music, which resulted in their first, self-titled album being published in 2004, becoming a mass hit. Following this, they performed at various music festivals and have worked with such famous Turkish singers as Koray Candemir (of Kargo fame), Vega and Göksel. Most of their songs are written by the group members.

The genre of their music was described by Yağmur, the author of most of the songs, as having a touch on nu-metal, rap, hip-hop and mixing these all in a "pot" with melodies of Anatolia.
maNga's duet with Göksel is included in one of the most successful (with almost a million viewers) Turkish films, Sınav (featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme).Their song Bir kadın çizeceksin was featured among the music of the FIFA 06 game. The band is considered a headliner for several Turkish music festivals, including Saklıfest, Patlıcan, Rokofest and Rock'n Coke.

maNga took to the stage at the Wembley Arena in London, together with Tarkan on 13 April 2008, but was then cancelled because of the technical problems. They then again took to the stage in London at the O2 Academy, Islington on 4 December 2009. On 13 August 2006, maNga became the first Turkish rock band to take stage at the Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary. In 2006 they also had concerts in the Netherlands and Germany.
On 12 January 2010 the Turkish broadcaster TRT announced that maNga will be the Turkish representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010.

“maNga’s story began when Yağmur Sarıgül “Yamyam” (Guitar) seperated his ways with the cover band he played with at local bars. His plan for his new band was to combine rock music and electronic music bringing hard guitar riffs and rap vocals together. maNga began to form when Özgür Can Öney (Drums), Efe Yılmaz (Turntable),Ferman Akgül (Vocals) and Cem Bahtiyar (Bass Guitar) joined the new band. The band began playing “nu metal” and “hard rock” songs. As a result the band was named maNga after the traditional Japanese cartoon art, bringing five different characters, five different music styles and five different world views together. Under the name of maNga, which is a familiar name to almost anyone in the world, they have started an intenational musical carreer.

maNga’s recording adventure began in 2001 when Ferman suggested to join the song contest “Sing Your Song”. maNga took second place in the “Sing Your Song” contest with their first song “Kal Yanımda”. After this success, they began writing the songs which would later be recorded in their first album. When they recieved a phone call from Haluk Kurosman, producer they met during the song contest, they concentrated more on writing songs and giving concerts. They began touring Turkey, giving more then 50 concerts and sharing their music with different crowds.

Their debut album which carried the same name with the band maNga was released on December 14th, 2004 under Sony Music Turkey and GRGDN label. In this debut album, maNga sang “Kal Yanımda” featuring Koray Candemir from Kargo, “İz Bırakanlar Unutulmaz” featuring Deniz Akyüz from Vega, and “Dursun Zaman” featuring Göksel. Selling more than 180.000 copies, maNga was given the Golden Record award. maNga album was also released in Japan and sold many copies. “Bir Kadın Çizeceksin” was included in the Easports Fifa 2006 soundtrack. In 2006 maNga album was rereleased as “maNga+” including the Cem Karaca song “Raptiye Rap Rap” and “Kandırma Kendini”. maNga+ came with a DVD that featured the music videos of this first album.

After the album’s release, maNga had many concerts and participated in many national and international festivals (Sziget Festival, Mannheim Turkish Rock Festival, Wembley Arena, London) Giving more than 250 concerts nationwide maNga came together with music lovers who appreciate the maNga music.

Traveling through different cultures and meeting many different people, more than 4 years after their debut album, maNga got into a new time period catching a smoother, more characteristic, warmer and more melancholic sound. As the band members grew up in these 4 years, their world views changed and the variety and kind of music they listened changed. This change reflected on maNga’s sound, and their second album “Şehr-i Hüzün” which had a pre-recording period of 23 months. The joy of the first album’s great success came with great responsibility and a mission to top the debut album. The second album “Şehr-i Hüzün”, a product of many comprimises and hard work, was released on April 15th, 2009 under GRGDN & Sony Music label.

“Şehr-i Hüzün” album consists of 16 songs, adding up to more than 60 minutes of music. Instruments such as reed flute, piano, tambour and traditional music instrument called “bağlama” create a beautiful blend of western and orient sounds bringing out minor melodies that portray love, existential lonelines, death and melancholy. It is difficult to categorize the new maNga music that brings together rock, rap, electronic music, sufist music, and traditional turkish music. Famous philosopher poet Karacaoğlan and Ömer Hayyam are quoted in the songs “Üryan Geldim” and “Hepsi Bir Nefes”.

Listeners can also get a CD+DVD version of the album that includes a 150 minute maNga documentary wich was produced by Ferman Akgül. The documentary tells the story of maNga from the days it was first formed until the coming out of the new album.
maNga has conquered the hearts of their fans once again with two following videos from their new album “Dünyanın Sonuna Doğmuşum” and “Beni Benimle Bırak”.

Moreover maNga has won “Best European Act” by MTV Europe Music Awards 2009 On 5 November 2009. After this award maNga have released their third video “Cevapsız Sorular”, which was shot in Budapest by Gürcan Keltek. In 2009, maNga has taken numerous of awards including the best video, the best band, the best song, the best album and the best performance.
Taking the winds of “Best European Act” to their back, maNga is now heading for the 55th Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, Norway to represent Turkey.

maNga’s lead vocalist Ferman Akgül declared about Eurovision:
“We are entering the most exciting and the most intense period of our lives as a band. Our purpose is to represent Turkey without leaving our artistic style.”

Guitarist Yağmur Sarıgül added:
“I strongly believe, we will do our best for Turkey as a team. I thank to national Television channel and all Turkish fans who supported and trusted maNga.”

Ferman Akgül - biography

Born in 1979 in Ankara, Ferman Akgül (Vocals) was introduced to music at the age of 9or 10 with a simple piano. He later entered the music circuit in 1998, when he was studying at Gazi University Architecture Faculty. Initially in the hardcore group "Virgin Pulp" to use the turntable, Ferman first became the vocalist in the group, before moving onto "Colik." He later started working with Özgür Can Öney in the group "70lik." After a long period with "70lik", he entered the group "Seven" where Cem Bahtiyar was the bass guitarist. He took a sabbatical later, before entering maNga in 2001 as per the invitation by Özgür.

Efe Yılmaz - biography

Born in Ankara in 1979, Efe Yılmaz (Turntable) graduated from Köksal Toptan High School and Çankaya High School before attending University of South Florida Computer Sciences Department. He entered Anadolu University Management Department upon his return. Having started his music life by playing the drums, Efe got a chance to become an "old school" DJ with maNga.
Thus, a long time and he wants to do that in American education have the opportunity to closely follow the "old school" DJ 'ranking by participating in maNga began. Efe Yılmaz music career as a DJ in maNga still continues.

Cem Bahtiyar - biography

Born in 1979 in Denizli, Cem Bahtiyar (Bass Guitar) started his professional music life when his family bought him a bass guitar as a report card present at the end of 8th grade. After graduating from Denizli Municipality Conservatory and Denizli Anatolian High School, he went to Bilkent University. After 3 years without music, Cem once again started playing the bass at the "Seven" group where Ferman was the vocalist. After the first bass player of the band, Orçun Şekerusta left the group for personal reasons, he entered maNga.Currently he also works with Göksel.

Yağmur Sarıgül - biography

Yağmur Sarıgül was born on 26 August 1979 in Antalya, Turkey. He was 3 years old when his family moved to Ankara. His talent in music was discovered early in his childhood. His parents are both amateur musicians; his father plays the ney, while his mother plays the oud. Yağmur was raised in listening to classical music, Turkish folk music and various other genres.
Yağmur "Yamyam" Sarıgül (Guitar) took music classes in primary school in piano and violin, before the guitar. He studied, in order, at Hacettepe Conservatory Part-time Piano Department, Bilkent University Music Preparatory Violin and Ankara Anadolu Fine Arts High School Guitar departments. Yağmur later enrolled in Gazi University Music Education Faculty Guitar Department. Having worked with the groups "Laterna" and "6/8" until 2001, Yamyam laid the foundations for maNga in 2001, with his high school friend Orçun Şekerusta. He also served as the producer for the album "Şehr-i Hüzün" which was recorded between 2006 and 2008. . He started playing the piano at the age of ten at Hacettepe University State Conservatory, then he studied violin at Bilkent University Stage Arts Faculty. Finally he realized the best musical instrument for him would be a guitar, so he applied to Ankara Anatolian Arts High School and the guitar became his major instrument. Later he studied music at Gazi University. Before he founded maNga in 2001, he played with several rock bands like Laterna and 6/8. He was awarded the title Best Musician at the music contest "Sing Your Song" in 2002 where maNga finished second. At concerts he used to use two electric guitars, a Washburn and an Ibanez K7, both are seven string guitars.

Özgür Can Öney - biography

Özgür Can Öney (drums) was born on the 21st of July 1980 in Ankara. He studies Astronomy at Ankara University and Business Administration at Anatolia University at the same time. He composed the music for several theatrical plays. In his free time he is engaged with martial arts, particularly kick-box. He started playing the drums after receiving training from Gürcan Konanç at high school. He would play at the high school festivals alongside amateur groups. He first went into the professional circuit with the group "70lik" he formed in at Ankara University Science Faculty Astronomy Space Sciences Department, which went onto play at bars and festivals in the capital city. He then joined the band "Deli Gömleği", for which he recorded two cover albums. He helped theatre groups attain some music before entering maNga.

SPA - biography

SPA is the band mascot. He is featured in all of their videos, as an animated character. SPA is said to be a “100% male” and was “born” in Istanbul in 2004. SPA is a “toy” who is “in love.” He is certainly a joint part of the band, however virtual he is. He was born of Efe's idea and got his name froma Turkish word pun, when he was drawn, the guys looked him in amazement and said: "Sıpaya bak" and so he became Spa.