Wednesday, 14 April 2010

maNga live on Kral TV & Kral FM

In order to promote their entry for the Turkish participation at Eurovision Song Contest 2010, maNga will accept the invitation and will come in the Kral Fm/TV studios.
During the TV/radio programme, the fans can make phone calls in order to receive more information regarding Eurovision, about maNga’s performance, about what means for the guys representing Turkey and many other things.
Mehmet (from Mehmet’s Planet) will be the host of the TV show, but also the moderator of the whole conversation between maNga and their fans.
As Kral TV was eliminated from the local television transmissions, the tv programme can be watched online on the following site:
So, Thursday the 15th of April at almost 16.00 and Sunday, the 19th of April at 20.00 Kral TV is transmitting online the debate regarding the performance of maNga on the stage from Oslo, Norway. For just in case you will miss the transmission we will come back with new information, reviews and the day when you can see the replay of the TV record.

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